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If you want to keep your building or vehicle fleet looking clean and sparkling, at some point you are going to need to consider your options for mobile sandblasting. Dustless blasting uses recycled bottled glass, 99.9% silica free thoroughly removing dirt, grime, scuffing, and old paint from the majority of surfaces. It is also a delicate procedure that demands the right tools and a great deal of skill and experience on the part of the operator.

One sandblasting service in Minneapolis, MN stands out above all of the rest: MOBILE MEDIA BLASTING of MN. I bring experience, training, and gear to the job that no competitor can match. I maintain a full array of the most advanced mobile sandblasting equipment and use recycled bottle glass as a safe, highly effective mineral abrasive to clean, smooth, and retexture stone, brick, concrete, and metal surfaces.

The types of jobs that I perform on a regular basis include the following:

• Coating Removal—Using powerful equipment with caution and care, I am able to remove the toughest coatings, including resin coating, without damaging the underlying surface.

• Paint Removal—Get a fresh, clean start on your next paint job. I carefully strip away layers of old, faded, crumbling paint, giving your painting contractors a pristine, perfectly smooth surface from which to begin.

• Texturing—Looking to texture a surface on your property? Make your first call to me. I have the rare artistic skills and light touch needed to provide professional-looking texturing.

The key to getting the right results in stripping, cleaning, texturing, and resurfacing is getting a skilled professional with the right gear to handle the job. If you are located in Minneapolis, MN, give me a call at MOBILE MEDIA BLASTING of MN and let me handle your sandblasting job!

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